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At the moment I am flying two Raptor 90SE's with the this setup:

Spektrum DX7
Spektrum AR7100R
JR 8717 servos
Hatori SB-20
CYE Radix 710mm Stick banger blades
CYE Radix 105mm tail blades
CYE Super Stubz
CYE Solid G w/BL251
Kong power 2200mah 3s battery
Infinavation dampners with tuning kit
Infinavation fuel tank fitting

- I am using 20% expo allround and with about +14/ -14 degree pitch and 9 degrees cyclic. To get more cyclic and more pitch out of the Raptor, you can modify the standar mixing arms or you can get the new 3D mixing arms from TT (that also comes with the R90SE kit now) I have tried variouse kinds of blades, but find the Radix 710SB(175g) blades to be one of the best for my flying style.The 710SB blades really gives you alot of punch and "snap", and the orginale 185g Radix 710 gives you smooth flying characteristics and great autos.

I also have a FBL R90SE up and running and a electric R90 FBL heli on the wrench bench.

I 'm also flying a Mini titan with:

Spektrum AR6100
CYE Solid G
CYE Radix 325mm
Scorpion 2221-6
Scorpion 55W ESC
Jack power
3500rpm on the head.

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