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Hopefully all the information I have stored on my computer has made it all the way to the world wide web. I will be uploading pictures, videos and information about the equipment that i use.
If you got any questions at all, please send me an e-mail, and I will answer you as fast as I can.

- TomR


This will be uploaded next:

  • >   Indoor pictures & videos
  • >   Raptor 90SE pictures
  • >   Flybarless R90SE Electric




New stuff
Posted 9.feb 14:00

check out the new engine mount and the spindle

video clip from this weekend: Jets, fullsize and heli



Misc pictures and videos
Posted 02.Nov 02:00

UFO - cox engine with parachute

Raptor 50 Titan SE - TT53 Redline

Raptor 90SE - from a Norwegian frigate



FBL & Canopies
Posted 28.Oct 01:16

XFC 2009
Posted 22.June 01:10


Video of sat. freestyle: Youtube video <--- enter
Video of first flight: Youtube video <--- enter

Here are some pictures from the Futaba XFC contest in Muncie, Indiana (USA):



Pitchbrothers Smackdown 09
Posted 22. June 01:05


Pictures from the Smackdown in Denmark:




Posted 22. June 01:00


Pictures :




Old random pictures
Posted 21.February 20:00


I was going trough my folders and found some old pictures:



Raptor 90SE
Posted 20.February 15:00

My new Raptor 90SE's are almost ready for the 2009 season. I am going to try out the new Elevated RC R90 bladegrips to see if the are any good, and hopefully the tailcase to.




IRCHA 2008
Posted 04.December 12:00

Here's some pictures from ircha 2008. Next time i will bring my camera with me. The crash pictures are from a 400m fall after a lockout in a high altitude auto.      ______________________________________________



Posted 4.August 12:00

Pictures is uploaded to the gallery and I will add videos when i get back from IRCHA. I had the chance to fly my new OS91HZ engine this weekend and the first impression is really good.



3DMasters 2008
Posted 4.August 11:00

I have added some pictures from 3Dmasters 2008 and will add some of the videos i took as soon as possible. The weather was great and we had a really good time England.


Download Danny's Aurora crash at 3DM: Here!

Download Bobby Watts MA crash at 3DM: Here!

Download a video the Kasama 90 prototype: Here!

Download a video from the practice field(farm): Here!


Missile testing
Posted 16.June 00:02

When I was on board the Norwegian frigate KNM Roald Amundsen i had the chance to fly my Raptor from the helicopter deck, wich made this the first helicopter takeoff and landing.


 Download a video of my frigate flying: Here!


3D Masters 2007
Posted 2.August 16:00



 Larvik Fun Fly and 3DX Norway
Posted 4.april 16:00

You can find photos and videos of the event below. I want to thank everyone that made this weekend so great. Thanks to Jeff Barringer, the juges and the ladies who made all the food.

Hopefully i will attend next year with a complete helicopter,
and maby i will finish my set-manouvers with a tail splint!


  • Download a small video of Larvik FF and 3DX: here!
    Download video a T-rex and a Mini titan dual flight: here!
  • Download video of me and Andrè's dual flight at Larvik: here!

    If you want to se more pictures of the event visit:
  • -




- Thanks to / Philip for the pictures of my flight and the pictures of my long nigt of wrenchin .

Gjøvik Modellflyshow
Posted 4.april 16:00

I had a great time at Gjøvik Modellflyshow, hopefully I will attend next year to.
I have uploaded some pictures and a new video from Gjøvik modellflyshow.


 Download a video of my flying: here!
 Download video of the show: here!


Las Vegas Fun Fly
Posted 10.mar 20:00

I am now back in Norway from an amazing time in the USA. I have uploaded some pictures from Las Vegas and Phoenix,and hopefully i get a video uploaded soon.


You can find videos and pictures from the event at: